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August 3, 2011, Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov has successfully launched microsatellite "Kedr" in Earth orbit.

"Kedr" - Satellite Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia". In the manufacture and delivery of individual units and systems involved AMSAT-NA and SWSU of scientific equipment "vakkummetr."

His call sign - "Kedr" satellite was in honor of the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight into space. Students design and technology department of computing resources YUZGU designed and manufactured its own vacuum gauge - with the help of his students are going to find out how the fluxes of charged particles in space on the ionization gauge readings.

Initially, satellite planned for launch in December last year.

- In late January, "Kedr" was delivered by truck to the ISS - says assistant professor of design computing resources SWSU, head of the club "Sporadik" Valerian Picchi - but after the launch date was postponed several times. And on August 3 at 14 hours GMT, about 16 pm local time, he went into free flight. The satellite is located all the necessary equipment - solar panels, batteries, scientific instruments, which have made our students. In particular, there is a recording device, a cloud of molecules in space.

True, the long-awaited launch was not without incident. In the satellite suddenly lost one of the two antennas, it is clear that even in outer space. As a result, the astronauts had to pull the machine back to the outlet manhole. But all ended well - a few hours running all the same place.

"Kedr" for six months will plow expanses of space, participating in research.

From orbit it passes in the automatic mode 25 welcome messages in 15 languages, pictures of the Earth and telemetry information. In addition, satellite broadcasts and amateur radio frequencies - namely, 145.95 MHz. Can hear him every ham in the world.

During the first day of the flight was taken on 19 signals from orbit, which confirms the proper functioning of all systems of the microsatellite.


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