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Congratulations to the ARISSat-1/KEDR Team

As the satellite was deployed from the International Space Station beginning its mission AMSAT President Barry Baines, WD4ASW, observed, "Welcome to a new era as AMSAT returns to space with ARISSat-1/KEDR. I encourage all hams, SWLs, educators, and experimenters to enjoy the unique opportunity presented by this mission to learn about amateur radio in space, enhance and improve your station, and hone your operating skills as you try out all of this satellite's available features."

Barry continues, "ARISSat-1/KEDR marks a new type of satellite which has captured the attention of the national space agencies around the world for the unique educational opportunity we have been able to design, launch, and now operate. By designing an educational mission aligned with NASA's Science, Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics goals amateur radio operators around the world can now enjoy a new satellite in orbit."

ARISSat-1/KEDR Project Manager, Gould Smith, WA4SXM said, "Dozens of amateur radio volunteers, AMSAT, ARRL, NASA, and Energia have teamed up for this successful mission to bring you the most unique and innovative amateur radio satellite mission flying 220 miles above your QTH at 17,500 mph! Congratulations to all who made ARISSat-1/KEDR successful!"

Continuing, Gould said, "ARRISat-1/KEDR has been developed, built, and tested by a remarkable team of radio amateurs. As the Project Manager for ARISSat-1/KEDR these past three years I have had the opportunity to work with a team of creative people to get to where we are now ... IN ORBIT!"

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